Lean Redirect Editor for WordPress

Redirect plugin for WordPress

Often a client will ask you to help them redirect a URL because the one they shared on SNS contained a typo that they fixed later. The right way to solve this is to create a redirect rule on the web server.

  1. It uses the least resources
  2. Because it doesn’t need to bootstrap your app code
  3. Which is why the response time is the fastest

Clients can’t do that themselves and often it’s out of their budget range to afford a developer. The remaining alternative is to use a plugin.

I’ve made this redirect editor because the one I used before got a new maintainer who turned it to a piece of trash.


Download zip archive:
https://github.com/andrejcremoznik/lean-redirect-editor/archive/master.zip (extract to your plugins directory)

Developer documentation:

How it Works

  1. On every page load this plugin will use the earliest available action hook to execute the redirect function.
    • The redirect function will try to fetch parsed redirect rules from cache.
  2. If cache doesn’t exist, the raw rules as configured in the dashboard will be fetched from the DB, parsed and cached.
  3. If the current requested path matches a configured redirect rule, a 301 redirect will be send to the browser.


Activate the plugin then go to Settings > General and scroll to the bottom.

Enter one redirect rule per line with the path you need redirected on the left and the target URL on the right:

/twitter https://twitter.com/mytwitter
/orange.jpg https://mydomain.com/orange-juice-should-be-freshly-squeezed-at-home/
# Comment.
/spring-is-coming-2017/ https://mydomain.com/spring-is-coming-2018/

Empty lines, lines starting with # and any incorrect input will be ignored.

Why is this not in the WordPress Plugin Directory?

Because I’m too lazy to bother with their submission process. Once they create something like Composer, I’ll gladly participate. Drop me a note if you’d like to package it for the plugin directory.